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About Bulgaria - a Personal View from the experiences of a UK Citizen (Page 1 of 3)



Politics has in recent years undergone quite dramatic changes from Communism to Capitalism. When I've asked Bulgarians what they liked and disliked about Communism and Capitalism, responses have indicated the following:

Under the Communist Regime in Bulgaria the good points included:There was no unemployment, everyone had work and a guaranteed income.There was Free Healthcare and Free Education for everyone.Every year people were given a Free Holiday with Accommodation, Meals, etc. all paid for. There was a stronger sense of Community and Collectivity.Every weekend there was Free Entertainment - Films, Theatrical and Musical Performances were regularly provided in Local Community Centres.There was less Crime- the Authorities were very strict in controlling crime. People were able to Retire early from Work at the age of 50 and those with more physically demanding jobs were even able to retire as young as 40.Money was tight - there was always an abundance of food on the table during Communism, but there was not much money left to buy luxuries. Sounds Great! As a UK Citizen I was led to believe that Communism was a bad thing. So what was the downside to Communism in Bulgaria? 

The not so good news about Communism in Bulgaria:

​The main complaints I have heard about the old Communist Regime were:

  • The lack of Freedom of Speech - people were scared to express political opinions or challenge the Authorities.

  • The difficulty in buying modern products - e.g. people sometimes had to wait months to get a new television or household appliance - the shops had less choice.

  • Restraint on freedom to travel to other countries - it was possible but there was a lot of bureaucracy and checks to go through.

  • There was some corruption

How has Capitalism been received in Bulgaria?

More freedom of speech and finding it easier to travel abroad has been welcomed.

Better choice in the Shops and not having to wait months to receive new Household Products is pleasing Bulgarians.

However, Bulgarians have expressed the following concerns about Capitalism: There has been a significant rise in unemployment and this in turn has led to a significant rise in crime. Bulgarians struggle to pay Doctors and Hospitals for Healthcare and preferred the System under Communism where no one handed money over for Healthcare or Education. People talk of Capitalism leading to more selfishness - everyone is out for 'No.1' and the sense of community and collective responsibility is being lost. Capitalism has led to greed and it seems that a minority of the population in Bulgaria is benefiting from Capitalism whilst the majority benefited moreso under Communism. Free Entertainment and Free Holidays are no longer available. There is some concern amongst Bulgarians that money received from Europe to improve the infrastructure in Bulgaria has sometimes been misused to benefit the New Entrepreneurs more than it has benefited the country or ordinary people.


My favourite time in Bulgaria is the Spring and the Autumn - the weather tends to be beautifully warm, with a pleasant breeze. In the Summer it can sometimes (for a month or two) become too hot for my liking, but it is fine if you find a shady spot. Sitting under the shade of the overhead Grape Vines, or under a Walnut Tree is superb. The Winters sometimes are extremely cold but tend to be shorter - there is sometimes only 2 or 3 months of colder weather then it is back to warm sunny days. In the Winter the Log Fires provide a welcome retreat from the cold winds and snow. People in the Villages mostly rely on Wood Burning Stoves, whilst in the larger Towns and Cities there is more use of Heating by Gas and Electricity.

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About Bulgaria

Rural Bulgaria: Typical Landscape in the Villages.

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About Bulgaria

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About Bulgaria

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About Bulgaria

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