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We can book a conveniently located Hotel for you, or we can arrange for you to stay as a Guest in a Local Village from as little as £5 per night, per person - please see details below: 

Hotel/Temporary Accommodation

We can book a Hotel yourself, or if you are happy with more basic accommodation, we can arrange Guest Accommodation i.e. for you to stay with some Local Villagers, as a guest in their home. Also, below are places that you can rent.

HOTELS: prices vary from about £25 a night for a Double Room  (£12.50 per person, per night) to well over £100 per night: these prices are for accommodation only.

GUEST ACCOMMODATION: ​prices start from £10 per night for a Double Bed (£5 per person per night - room only. See below for the additional cost of meals). If you choose temporary Guest Accommodation: please understand that this accommodation is not to Hotel Standards - it may be basic, but it is a good way to experience Bulgarian Lifestyles. When I first went to Bulgaria I stayed as a Guest and it was a good way to experience the Bulgarian Culture: depending on the time of year you could see Bulgarian people preparing fruit/vegetables for conserving, rearing their animals and taking part in local traditional celebrations. Whilst staying as a Guest in a Bulgarian Village Home is relatively inexpensive - you are likely to have to share a toilet and some only have Outside Toilets. However, you will be made welcome and have the opportunity to eat some traditional Bulgarian Food.


If you are staying as a GUEST - Meals can be provided for the following approximate Prices: Breakfast: £5 per person; Lunch: £6 per person; Evening Meal: £8 per person. Meals can be booked and paid in advance on a daily basis. Hotel Meals are likely to be more expensive and vary widely depending on the standard of Hotel, but again they can start from similar prices to Guest Meal Prices. We will confirm prices when discussing your booking requirements.


AVAILABLE FOR RENT: We also have some furnished houses and apartments in the region of Burgas.

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Don't worry about not being able to speak Bulgarian. We have Staff based in Bulgarian who are either Native English Language Speakers or speak the English Language fluently. We will help you to communicate your needs to Bulgarians. All it takes is a phone call and we'll be there to support you.

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