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Property Reference: Ros 5
Detached Bungalow. 3 Rooms (40sq. metres). Approx. 430 sq. metre plot. Only 5 miles (8km) from Sredets and 23 miles (37km) from Burgas. Requires repair, however it is very conveniently located - 1 km (just over half a mile) off from the main highway in a pleasant rural village.  PRICE: 15,000 Bulgarian Lev. 

No safety checks have been carried out and a survey of this Bulgarian Property has not been undertaken. Services (for example, Water, Electricity, Gas, Sewerage, Cesspits, Septic Tanks) have not been tested or checked for presenceor condition.We cannot verify the availability or suitability of Well Water. We rely on Vendors to provide us with accurate information: if you are interested in buying this Bulgarian Property we strongly recommend that all details are verified via your Solicitor. Nevertheless, we hope you will agree that for the price, properties such as this hold a lot of potential for providing a great rural retreat in Bulgaria. 

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Pleasantly and very conveniently located small Detached Bungalow. Three Rooms. 40 sq. metres of accommodation. The Village is 1 km from the main highway into Burgas. The Town of Sredets is 8 km (5miles) from the subject property driving on a village road for 1km and then on a main highway for 7km. Burgas is 37 km (23miles) away (36km of which is driving on the main road). Small, quiet village, with 25 or less residents. 
DESCRIPTION: This single-storey property is in need of substantial repair and requires improvement. 

GARDEN/LAND:  Close to the right-hand side of the subject property is a neighbouring property; to the left-side is part of the garden. There is also a small front garden; one or two metres of land at the rear of the property.  Approx. 430  sq. metre plot. 
SERVICES: We understand Electricity and Mains Water is available in the frontage road for connection. 
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