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Language Courses are run by a qualified Teacher (P.G.C.E. and CELTA Qualified; Masters Degree and BSc.Econ Honours Degree).

LANGUAGE TUITION: We offer English Language Courses and Bulgarian Language Courses:

English Language Courses: 

  • Preparation for Cambridge English Language(ESOL) Exams.
  • Business English Language Courses for Employees and   Employers. Bespoke Lessons for your particular Business Needs.
  • Everyday English Language Courses.
  • Private Tuition or Classes of between 6 and 10 Students.
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Bulgarian Language Courses: We currently offer General Bulgarian Courses to help you get by on a Daily Basis.

To give you some idea of our Prices: For a Class of Students we would charge £5 per hour per student. For Private Tuition - we would charge £10 per hour, plus any travelling costs involved. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs and we would be glad to tailor a bespoke course  and tell you exactly what our charges would be. Please Note: There are Additional Fees to be paid to Cambridge/Examination Centre if/when you wish to take the Language Examinations.

Our Language Tutors are qualified and experienced Teachers. Our English Language Lessons and Bulgarian Language Lessons are structured according to syllabus requirements or bespoke - tailored to your particular needs. The hard part of teaching is the time spent planning the lessons thoroughly before we actually do the teaching. Thus, for every hour you pay for - you can be sure it has taken many more hours for us to prepare the teaching materials and lesson plan in advance. Learning to speak English Language or Bulgarian Language can help with your career prospects and help you to communicate well with friends and colleagues from another country. Whether you just want to improve your Language Pronunciation, or take a Certified Language Course, or Learn the basics about Language for everyday life, or take a Specialised Business Language Course - we can help.

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To see the different Cambridge English Certified Courses that you can take please click here:



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