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We can help you to 'find your feet' in Bulgaria so that you know how to pay your household bills (Electricity, Water, Telephone, House Tax, Insurance); how to get your Car Registered, Taxed and Maintained; how to pay your Annual Accounts, etc.. Also, how to access essential services like - where is the nearest Post Office, Hospital, Doctor and Dentist? A Translator will be there to support you - communicating with you in the English Language.

SUPPORT SERVICES: We'll help you to settle in to your Bulgarian Property and don't worry - our Fees are very reasonable!

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Property Services in Bulgaria

Whilst we need to ensure that our expenses are covered and that we at least earn some money to cover our time providing these support services - we always keep our fees reasonable. Once we know where you will be based in Bulgaria (to be picked up and returned to your base) we can provide you with an exact quote for any one, or all of our support services. However, to give you some idea of our Fees:

To show you how to pay Electricity, Water, House Tax, Telephone, including picking you up within a 20 KM radius - we would charge approximately £40, this includes our petrol costs, our time spent with you, picking you up from your base and taking you back to your base - so don't worry - we are not looking to 'rip you off'! Our aim is to provide a professional service for a reasonable fee.

Car Registration is likely to be more time consuming and our Fees are around £100 (which includes, picking you up, taking you through the registration process and returning you to your base in Bulgaria): you will also have to pay the authority fees and equivalent of an M.O.T. charge on top of the Fees we charge. 

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