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Property Services in Bulgaria, Investing in Bulgarian Property, Support and Advice:

Below you will find links to information about the various services we offer, including: Airport Transfers, Temporary Accommodation, Property Viewings, Building Work Services, General Support and Information about Solicitors in the UK and Bulgaria who can act on your behalf.

We can arrange for Solicitors in Bulgaria who speak English, or Solicitors in the UK with experience of dealing with Bulgarian Property to act on your behalf. 


Also, we provide: 

Airport Transfers: Please click here for further information:




Arrange Hotel/Temporary Accommodation:

 Please click here for further information:

Bulgarian Property Viewings: Please click here for further information:



​Project Management of Building Services:

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Support Services to help you become established in Bulgaria:

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SOLICITORS: We can arrange either Solicitors in Bulgaria who speak English, or UK based Solicitors with experience in dealing with Bulgarian Property, to handle the purchase of your property in Bulgaria. 

Please click below to see information about Solicitors in Bulgaria and in the UK:
When you buy a property from us we can help arrange everything for you.

We can help you to experience Bulgaria and even establish a new life in Bulgaria.

Rural Areas with Houses for sale in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Goats - which are often still reared in Bulgarian Villages today.

Traditional and Modern Property for sale  in Bulgaria

Traditional Bulgarian Cart - which again are still used in many Bulgarian Villages today - pulled by either a Donkey or Horse. However, the owner may well also have a mobile phone! In the villages you will often find a curious and interesting mix of the traditional and the modern - which is one of the reasons we love Bulgaria!

Bulgarian British Partnership Property, Language and Business
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