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Our overall Aim is to promote Business in both the UK and Bulgaria

We provide the following services:

  • Assist in promoting business in both the UK and Bulgaria. If you have a Business Idea, we can apply for Funding. Business Plan & Executive Summary required.
  • Arrange Meetings to discuss Business Opportunities
  • Liaise with the appropriate Authorities and Business Associations
  • Promote Rural Tourism
  • Consider selling Traditional Products on line: firstly though we would set up Secure Payment Systems on this web site so that clients know any payments made for products were made through a secure web site. We are still in the process of considering which local products could be sold and how best to process payments and deliveries. Watch this space!
Please contact us if you would like to discuss a mutually beneficial business opportunity.

Beautiful Villa to Rent in Bulgaria, with Swimming Pool and Lots of Amenities, from between 11-16 Euro (£9 - £13) per night. Please click th image on the right for further information. 

Bulgarian British Partnership Business Exchange

Bulgarian Kitten 'finding its way in life.'

We currently have an Investment Opportunity on the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria: Please click here for further details:




IMPORTANT NOTE: Feedback from Clients using our web site is sincerely very important to us: it will help us to monitor our services, or the services of any company we may work with or allow to advertise on our web site. We will be very cautious about providing links on our web site to other companies. However, if your company meets all of the professional standards, we would be pleased to consider a few Advertisers/Links from/to Professional Companies/Organisations who have secure sites. We would like to know straight away from any client who has experienced any problems. Please do provide us with your Feedback, it will help us to ensure that we are always meeting a high level of service and consider ways in which we might be able to improve our service. You can use any of our email addresses or telephone numbers to leave your feedback - please click on "Contact Us" for our Contact Details. We very much appreciate Clients taking the time to provide us with their Feedback.

Bulgarian British Partnership Property, Language and Business
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