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UK Solicitors with experience in Conveyancing for purchases of Bulgarian Property:


When buying Bulgarian Property we recommend that if you use a UK based firm of Solicitors that they are regulated by the Law Society. You can check with The Law Society Web Site, whether Solicitors are Registered with the Law Society (there is a link below to the Law Society Website).

Buying Property in Bulgaria Support Services

Don't take unnecessary risks with your money when buying Bulgarian Property - the complexities can leave you in a complicated, tangled mess - best to seek the advice and services of a Registered Solicitor. Do make sure that the person claiming to be a Solicitor is Registered in order to avoid handing money over to someone who is falsely claiming to be a Solicitor.

It is useful if you contact a UK Solicitor who has experience in dealing with Bulgarian Property Conveyancing. We are aware that John Howe & Co have  experience in representing people buying Bulgarian Property, they are one of only a small handful of firms in the UK recommended by the Law Society in this area of work. Contact details for John Howe & Co are provided below. Or - check the Law Society for other UK Solicitors who specialise in Bulgarian Property Purchases.

Contact Details for John Howe & Co.
Postal Address:
John Howe & Co.
4 Manor House,
West Yorkshire
LS28 7BL

Telephone Number, Email & Web Site Address for John Howe & Co, Solicitors:
Tel: 01132 363936
Email John Howe & Co

by clicking here:

​Visit John Howe's Website

by clicking here:

Firstly, a few words of advice about Solicitors and handing money over to people who claim to be Solicitors, Estate Agents and Vendors:

The 'Con Merchants' are very clever - they will even offer to do conveyancing for you for 'free', or transport you to see property for 'free'.... Remember - there's no such thing as a Free Lunch!

Contact Details for Kobalt Law LLP Solicitors:

Postal Address: 

Kobalt Law LLP

London Office: Office 5,

Fairbank Studios,

75/81, Burnaby Street,




Telephone Number, Email Web Site Address for Kobalt Law LLP:

Tel: Skype: 0207 739 1700

Email Kobalt Law LLP by clicking here: 

Visit Kobalt Law LLP's Web Site by clicking here: 

If you would like to check out a Solicitor you may find the following web sites useful - please click on the website address buttons below:

N.B Remember - never transfer money to anyone claiming to be a Solicitor without checking for yourself that they are listed by the Law Society/Solicitors Regulation Authority.​ Also, never transfer money to pay for a Bulgarian Property to anyone claiming to be an Agent or Vendor.

If you need a Solicitor based in Bulgaria, please click the button for "Bulgarian Solicitors who speak English":

You may also wish to read Information on Procedures and Costs involved in Buying Property in Bulgaria - if so - please click on the Buttons to take you to other Pages in our Website: 

Bulgarian British Partnership Property, Language and Business
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