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Bulgarian British Partnership Management

Christina, Partner, Teacher and Manager 

Nick, our UK Consultant, Property and Conservation

Dinko, our Qualified Master Builder

Bulgarian British Partnership has been established by UK Citizens. We decided to set this company up for the following reasons:

Approximately eight years ago we bought a Bulgarian Property, which was initially intended as a Holiday Home. However, we increasingly spent more time in Bulgaria and decided to establish Business Links between the UK and Bulgaria. 
On first arriving in Bulgaria we could hardly speak any Bulgarian at all and no one in our Village understood the English Language. Because of the Language difficulties​​, it was quite challenging to arrange Building Renovation Work, to find out how to pay various Bills, where to go Shopping and generally - how to survive in Bulgaria on a daily basis.


We experienced some problems (through no fault of our own): we trusted companies and were sometimes let down; we were occasionally over-charged for goods and services and we felt at risk of being 'led up the garden path'. Nevertheless, over time we found companies and individuals that we could trust and learned how the various systems and utilities operated in Bulgaria. We also learned how to speak Bulgarian.​
We decided to apply our qualifications and practical experience in Bulgaria to establishing a company that would serve our clients well and help British people to avoid some of the problems that can arise. Bulgaria is a beautiful country and the very large majority of Bulgarians are friendly and trustworthy. However, sadly, Tourists and Foreigners can sometimes be targeted. Because we liked Bulgaria so much we also wanted to establish professional business links between Bulgaria and Britain.​

Chernomorets Property, Bulgaria

Nick (left) and Aleksi in Chernomorets Bulgaria: Nick is our UK Consultant in Environment and Conservation Management (here visiting Bulgaria). Aleksi is our trusted Bulgarian friend and colleague. Aleksi has Media Skills and knows Bulgaria like the back of his hand.  

Christina's qualifications are: Masters Degree in Management; BSc. Econ Honours Degree; P.G.C.E., F.E. (UK) Teaching Qualification and CELTA Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Christina speaks intermediate Bulgarian and has experience in Teaching, Research, Writing and Management.

Nick in the past was a practising Surveyor and has over 30 years experience in the property market. In 1988 he added to his experience by acquiring a Masters Degree in Conservation and Environmental Management and now has 14 years experience in Rural and Conservation Issues.
In Bulgaria we have colleagues qualified in Building Services (Master Builder) and Education (CELTA).

Dinko is a Master Builder in Bulgaria and he has a good Team of Builders. Dinko never tried to overcharge us and never did shoddy work, so when we set up the business we employed his services. Dinko studied Construction in Burgas and has had a Building Company in Bulgaria all his life. He is an excellent Project Manager and works with Architects and the Utilities.

Bulgarian Country Properties about Bulgarian British Partnership

When 'the going gets tough' in life - take time out - 'smell the flowers' and remind yourself that amongst the 'false friends' there are some trustworthy people and 'true friends'. 

Bulgarian British Partnership Property, Language and Business
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