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ABOUT SREDETS: Below you will find some Images and Information about Sredets

Where is Sredets? 


The Town of Sredets is situated south-west of the City 

of Burgas. (Sometimes spelt - Sredec; Средец is the 

Bulgarian spelling. Just to complicate matters - Sredets

is also sometimes called - Groodivo!). It seems names

of some Towns were changed as the politics in Bulgaria



Sredets is circled in green on the map.






Sredets is a Municipality Town in which there are 32 Villages. Sredets is situated in the south-eastern area of Bulgaria. There are roughly in excess of 15,000 people living in Sredets. Sredets is located at the foot of the Strandzhna Mountain, it is about 32 km (17.5 miles) from Burgas. 


There is a good variety of Shops and Facilities in Sredets, including a Local Hospital, School, Dentist, Vets, Cafes, Restaurants, a Fresh Produce Market, Post Office, Garages, etc. Whilst it is a modern Town, you will also see Horses and Carts - an interesting mix of the modern and traditional.


It is a good area for Bird Watching, Fishing, Hunting and Hiking. Also,it is conveniently located for the Black Sea Coast - the Beach is only approx. 32 KM away.

Sredets Square Centre, where there are shops and cafes

A Church in Sredets Town Centre

This is a road out of the Town Centre which leads to the main road to Burgas and the Beach!

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Cobbled Street to the top of the Town, where there are more shops and Cafes.

Cafe and Childrens' Play area in Sredets Town Park

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