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Come and see Bulgaria, look at some Bulgarian Properties you might be interested in buying and have a holiday at the same time! You will be able to find Cheap Houses and Land in Bulgaria, but remember - many of the older properties do need repairing and upgrading. For the cost of a few family Holidays you could buy your own Bulgarian Property  - which you could use as your Holiday Home - perhaps share the use of it with family and friends and even retire to Bulgaria.

Lots more properties being put on website soon. Contact us and tell us the type of property you are looking for. MAKE AN OFFER (without obligation) and we will put your offer forward to the Owners. 


IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend the following:​​​

  • Never transfer money to pay for a Land/Houses direct to Owners of Property or risk sending money to companies who may be falsely claiming to be Agents or Solicitors. Fraudsters falsely claiming to be Solicitors, Sellers or Agents may disappear with your money. Instruct an Independent, Registered, Solicitor to act on your behalf.

  • Never buy Houses/Land off the internet without going to Bulgaria to actually see the House/Land.


Please Note: The Selling Agents Commission will come out of the Sale Price of the Property. 


Please look at the categories of property below and then click on the boxes below to see more details about properties in that area.  We have provided details explaining what each village or town is like, where it is on the Map, with photographs of the Villages and Towns at the bottom of our Links Page. 

Rural Villages

- Properties for sale (distance of Village from Burgas City Centre:

Rural Villages

- Properties for sale in rural villages in District of:

In Ski Resorts

- Properties for sale in:



- Properties for sale in/or very near to Towns/City Centres:

Commercial Property for

sale in:

Investment Opportunities: 

Opportunities for Investors in Bulgaria. Please

To Rent:

Properties to

Rent in:

 For details concerning our Fees for Buying & Selling Property, please click on this Button : 


Bulgarian British Partnership Property, Language and Business
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