Building Services/Project Management

Note: Be sure to know what standard of materials will be used,how thorough the work will be carried out & that the Builder you use is qualified & experienced. A 'Cheaper' Estimate can sometimes end up costing you more money to put right because cheap materials were used & the standard of work was poor.

We can Project Manage Building Services for you. This Service includes:

  • Translation Services (to communicate your needs to a Bulgarian Building Company)

  • Making On-site Visits to monitor the progress of the Building Work on your Bulgarian Property.

  • Regularly reporting back to you on the progress (sending emails and photographic images of the progress)

  • Confirming Stage Payments and Liaising with your Solicitor to release funds in payment of works

As you can imagine, there are a lot of costs and time involved for us in providing these services (Regular on-site Visits, Fuel Costs; time spent with Builders discussing prices and options, drafting estimates; communicating via email, telephone, taking photographs of the progress of works on your Bulgarian Property; writing to clients and/or Solicitors; liaising with Architects and/or Local Authorities, time spent translating from Bulgarian to English Language and from English Language to Bulgarian). 

Once you have bought your Bulgarian Property - we can assess the work involved in managing your particular needs and we would be pleased to inform you of our overall charges. However, to give you some idea of our charges:

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Project Management of Building Renovation Work in Bulgaria

A Village in the Burgas Region

For example:
On-site visits to Monitor Building Works and Reporting back on progress/arranging payments/instalments to Builders, price included in estimate for Building Work. 
We charge a nominal Fee for estimates,but our estimates are competitive and this charge is reflected in a lower estimate. 
  • An initial meeting on-site (with yourself/builder) to assess the cost of a particular repair/building job: Approx. Cost - £25 (which covers for our petrol,emails,telephone calls, time spent translating,calculating cost of materials & labour,providing a verbal estimate). For a whole house assessment,including advice: Approx Cost - £100
​There may be 6 or more on-site visits at least if a lot of renovation work is involved. These visits are necessary to monitor how the building work is progressing on your Bulgarian Property before releasing further stage payments to the Builders. We take photographs of the progress of the work and send photographs to you by email so that you can see what work is being done. 
For a large Renovation Project - costs therefore (including 6 on-site visits, initial on-site meeting, written estimate, liaising with Builders & Architects on your behalf, monitoring progress and regularly reporting back to you) are likely to be around/or in excess of £500 per project. If you are able to meet with the builder/architect & monitor building work yourself, the estimate is likely to be about £500 cheaper. Be assured - we endeavour to work hard for our clients to ensure that you know what is involved in the renovation works, how the building works are progressing, keeping you updated so that you can confidently authorise payments to the Builder.​

For New Build Properties: There will be additional Architect/Planning Costs (to be advised according to the size/type of project). We sell land, some with beautiful views, that you can build your own property on.


Details of how we can help you with Building Works are provided below, including example of costs:

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