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We would be pleased to pick you up from the Airport - please see below for details:


For Clients who book our accommodation we would be pleased to arrange airport transfers. 

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Properties for sale in Bulgarian Villages

Most Bulgarian Villages have their own Church (although some sadly are now in a state of disrepair). You will sometimes hear the Church Bell being rung - which is rung in different ways to let people in the village know if someone in the village needs help (e.g. because their house has caught fire) or in remembrance of someone in the village who has died; or to send a message that someone who had been ill has just died. The Bells can also be rung in happier times to bring people together for celebrations.

In Bulgaria you will notice a sharp contrast between Village Life and City Life: Many Bulgarians who live in the Villages also have apartments in the cities. Some prefer to stay in the Villages if they can because they find it more relaxing than city life. The Cities are comparatively modern - much like going into any large city in the UK. In contrast - village life is often like going back about 50 years in time - where some people spend all day working on their land growing vegetables and fruit, rearing goats, chickens, sheep; preserving food to see them through the winter and travelling round in the donkeys and carts - it's lovely to see. It is like two  different ways of living co-existing in the same country - the modern and the traditional.

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