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Cambridge English Certified Courses in Bulgaria: 

A Brief Outline of the different Cambridge English Language Courses we can offer and why Cambridge English Courses are a valuable qualification:

Worlwide recognition

Universities, Employers and Government Departments around the world rely on Cambridge English Exams as proof of ability to live, work and study in an English-speaking-environment. A Cambridge English Certificate is one of the most valuable English Language Qualifications in the world that can open the door to opportunities for international work, study and travel.


To decide which course is best meets your particular needs, ask yourself the following questions:
Q How well can you speak and understand English at the moment?
Q For what purpose do you want to take a course?
Read below what the skills the different courses offer.

We offer 5 Different Courses:


1). Cambridge Basic English Key (KEY) Course

This course provides Basic Communication Skills - enabling you to.for example, introduce yourself, understand and respond to basic personal questions, write short simple notes, interact with English Speakers who talk slowly and clearly.


2).Cambridge Preliminary English (PET) Course

This course enables you to deal with most situations, write letters and emails and understand instructions.


3). Cambridge English First Certificate in Education (FCE)

From this course you will be able to live independently in an English speaking country; work in an English speaking environment; study in English at Foundation Level.


4). Cambridge English Proficiency (CEP)

This course provides you with the skills to study at the highest level and work at Senior Management Level.


5). Cambridge Business English (BEC)

There are three levels of Business English: Preliminary, Vantage and Higher:


a). Business Preliminary

This provides Basic Office Skills. You will be able to read and write short messages; deal with short telephone calls and discussions.

b). Business Vantage

This is an Upper-intermediate level course. This course will teach you how to write short reports; read extracts from Business Publications; listen to, understand and contribute to discussions in meetings.

c). Business Higher

This course offers a high level of English for business purposes. You will be able to communicate at Managerial and Professional Level; you will be able to communicate well in different social and cultural situations; communicate with confidence in workplace meetings and presentations. With this certificate you will have a high level of fluency.




If you tell us your particular needs we would be pleased to design Bespoke Courses to meet your particular needs. We can also offer Private Tuition.

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