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ABOUT BOLYAROVO: Below you will find some Images and Information about BOLYAROVO

Where is Bolyarovo? 


The Town of Bolyarovo is located, south of Yambol; south-west of Burgas and the Black Sea Coast. Bolyarovo has the advantage of being not too far from the Sea Coast of Burgas (approx. 41 miles/67 km) and yet is near to the Turkish Border - so you can enjoy Bulgaria and Turkey. There is a good road from Bolyarovo into Sredets (a Main Town) and on into Burgas - a Major City in Bulgaria. The population of Boyarovo is very roughly between 1,000 - 1,400 people. There are shops, restaurants, school and medical facilities in Bolyarovo, with also - a regular bus services.


Bolyarovo is circled in green on the map.


Below are some general images of Bolyarovo, which will give you some idea of what it is like in Bolyarovo.



On the Left: Typical Traditional Bulgarian Yard in Bolyarovo, showing the side of the Main House to the right at the rear of which is a Summerhouse in the Garden. This House, with Summerhouse, Cellars and Other Outbuildings is only 6,647 Euros (£5,619). Please contact us to view this property

Main Road into Bolyarovo Town.

Council Building in Bolyarovo.

Frontage Road to some Town Properties.

Central Bolyarovo

Above image shows a typical Bulgarian Summerhouse which is excellent for offering extra accommodation for guests in addition to the main house accommodationTitle. This Summerhouse has two separate doors to two separate summer rooms. 

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Bulgarian Dancing in Bolyarovo.

Above image shows a Traditional Bulgarian Property in Bolyarovo.

A typical Traditional Bulgarian Cellar Room in Bolyarovo.

A typical Traditional Bulgarian Bedroom.

Bulgarian British Partnership Property, Language and Business
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