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ABOUT BYALA: Below you will find some basic information about Byala and some general images of Byala.

Where is Byala?

Byala is circled in green on the map.

It is approximately 50km (31 miles)

from Varna and  70km (43 miles)

from Burgas.


Byala is a Seaside Town on the Black Sea Coast, with very roughly around 2,500 inhabitants.


There are beautiful sea views and sandy beaches, plenty of shops,restaurants and amenities in Byala. There is a regular Bus Service to Varna and Burgas. 


Byala is an area of Archeological interest.


Below are some photographs of Byala. 


We have land for sale in Byala if you are interested in building a Holiday Retreat/Retirement Home. 


Please use our Contact Form on our Website. Thank you.



Byala Beach is sandy and stretches for miles along the Black Sea Coast

This is the main road into the centre of Byala

Part of Byala is Agricultural and there are beautiful rural scenes towards the Balkan Mountains

Walk down to the Beach

Cafe in Byala

Part of Byala Beach

Garden Area, next to which is an Archeological Site

Archeological remains

Part of Archeological Site

Council Building in Byala

View from the Hills

Black Sea view from a Plot of Land we have for sale in Byala


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