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ABOUT FAKIA: Below you will find some basic information about Fakia and some general images of Fakia







Where is Fakia?

Fakia is circled in green on the map (south-west of Burgas).

It is approximately 20km (12.5miles) from Sredets and 40km (25 miles) from Burgas and the Black Sea Coast.


It is quite a small village with estimated less than 900 inhabitants. There is a Shop/Cafe, Church, Community Centre and Bus Services to Sredets.


Some general photographs of the Village are shown below:



The Local Authority Building in Fakia, with the Lion Statue in front of it.

The Stream in Fakia

Please click here if you would like to see properties for sale in Fakia:

Church in Fakia

A property we have for sale in Fakia (please click on the image above to see details about this property).

A view across Fakia Village

An old Cellar Room in Fakia

Fakia Village Road

A modernised Bulgarian Property

The Main Road to Fakia

Fakia has lots of rural scenary and nature.

A Garden of a Property we have for sale in Fakia

A view across Fakia

Bulgarian British Partnership Property, Language and Business
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