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ABOUT KUBADIN: Below you will find some basic information about Kubadin and some general images of Kubadin.

Where is Kupadin?

Kubadin is circled in green on the


It is approximately 21km (13 miles)

from Sredets and 50 km (31 miles)

from Burgas and the Black Sea Coast.


It is a small, rural,  village with less than 100



There is a Local Shop/Cafe Bar in the Village.


Kubadin has some lovely scenic views.






The Square in the centre of Kubadin

Track to Kubadin Centre

Part of the landscape in Kubadin. We have several properties for sale in Kubadin - from only £3,525 (4,080 Euro; 8,000 Bulgarian Lev). Click here if you would like to see properties we have for sale in Kubadin and other nearby Villages

Land, with house for sale in Kubadin  under £5,000 - where else could you buy land and property like this for such comparatively low prices?

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