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ABOUT SVETLINA: Below you will find some basic information about and general images of Svetlina:

Svetlina is situated in the south-eastern

side of the country of Bulgaria -

not far from the Black Sea Coast.

Svetlina is south-west of Burgas City Centre (circled in green on the map). Svetlina is approximately 9.5 km (5.90 miles) from Sredets and approx. 44.5 km (28 miles) from Burgas.

We have property for sale in Svetlina - please contact us if you would like us to arrange viewings for you.

Svetlina Centre - where there are two local shops/cafe and a Bus Stop for Bus to Sredets.

Looking across Svetlina

Track off main village road in Svetlina.

Part of the Landscape in Svetlina, near the old Bakery.

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