ABOUT ZORNITSA: Below you will find information about Zornitsa and some photographs taken of Zornitsa:

Where is Zornitsa?


Zornitsa is circled in green on the map.


It is situated approximately 25.9 km (16.09 miles)

from Sredets; 61 Km (37.90 miles) from Burgas.


Zornitsa is on the south-eastern side of Bulgaria, the

Black Sea Coast Area of Bulgaria.


There maybe roughlyaround 500 people living in



Zornitsa comes under the Municipality of Sredets and

the Region of Burgas.


The Postcode for Zornitsa is: 8313

What's it like in Zornitsa?



A Dry summer in Zornitsa turning the grass white.

This is one of the houses we have for sale in Zornitsa. If you would like more information about this house - please click on the image directly above.

Track down (from some semi-elevated properties) to the centre of the Village.

The Village Square in Zornitsa.

Zornitsa Church.

Monument on the square in Zornitsa.

Bulgarian Ladies dressed in Traditional Costume singing Traditional Bulgarian Music on the square in Zornitsa.

Finished Singing in Zornitsa, time for a rest!

Cafe in Zornitsa.

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