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Svetlina is a Village in the Burgas Region of Bulgaria. It is approximately 9.5 km (5.90 miles) from Sredets (the nearest Town with all facilities) and approximately 44.5 km (28 miles) from Burgas City and the Beach.

You are welcome to ask if the owners might accept a lower offer than the asking price - we will consult with the Owners and let you know.

No safety checks have been carried out and a survey of this Bulgarian Property has not been undertaken. Services (For example, Water, Electricity, Gas, Sewerage, Cesspits, Septic Tanks) have not been tested or checked.We cannot verify the availability or suitability of Well Water. We rely on Vendors to provide us with accurate information, however, if you are interested in buying this Bulgarian Property we strongly recommend that all details are verified via your Solicitor. Nevertheless, we hope you will agree that for the price, properties such as this hold a lot of potential for providing a great rural retreat in Bulgaria. Many of the Village Properties have very good sized areas of land, which can be used to create beautiful gardens, and/or growing Grape Vines, Fruit Trees and/or Vegetables. You may (subject to planning and regulations) consider extending, as well as renovating a building, or even  maybe replace the existing building with a new build to meet with your particular requirements.

Property Ref. No. 55

Property in Svetlina, conveniently located for Sredets and Burgas.


ASKING PRICE:  £4,225 (Approx. 10,000 Bulgarian Lev; approx. 5,113 Euro)  

For more details about this property and more photos of this property - please Click the Image on the left. 

Property Ref. No. 501 

Brief Description: Detached Property in Village near to Sredets & conveniently located for Burgas. It requires substantial repair & modernisation. However, it has a very pleasant outlook & is set in a large plot of land - 2,760 sq.metres.


ASKING PRICE: £6,500 (approx. 16,208 Bulgarian Lev; 8,288 Euro)

For more details about this property and more photos of this property - please Click the Image on the left. 

We have more properties for sale in Svetlina - deails coming soon.

For general information about Svetlina please click here:

If you would like to arrange to view properties in Svetlina - please contact us. You might also be interested in considering our Property Related Services. We can help you to organise any building work you would like carried out.

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