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My Best Friend created misery in UK

Pensioners work hard all their life,yet sit in the cold because they can't afford heating

I want my country back from the Tories.

Tories have created a society where hard working people live in fear, insecurity and stress. Where every day we worry about inadvertently breaking a rule and being fined by one of their money making schemes. A society in which hard working people have no quality of life and live like modern day slaves - receiving at best only a roof over their heads and food.

When we drive in an area that we are not familiar with: turning a corner, inadvertently ending up in the wrong lane & accidentally driving in a Bus lane, to avoid cutting up the driver in the adjacent lane. Driving a few miles over the limit in an area where it was not clear what the speed limit was. Falling asleep in the car in motorway services & fined for resting, or risk driving on the motorway when we are over-tired.

A fine for being late submitting one of the many forms they demand we complete. Surrounded by their procedures & rules for them to make money out of us. Procedures & rules that are so complex it feels like their systems are designed to ensure that they can fine us. Unless we can afford to pay an expert to handle it all for us – we struggle to teach ourselves, to understand their systems, so that we can find out how to comply & avoid a fine.

Being made to work until we die young, from over-work, low pay, high cost of living & stress, without enjoying any retirement or benefiting from the pension we paid for so many years.

In our old age we struggle with our full-time jobs, especially because of low income – having to do our own gardening, decorating, household repairs,try to fix our own computers, etc.. Everything that wealthier people can afford to pay someone to help with – we have to do ourselves as well as our full-time employment. We can’t even afford to take a break and eat out in a restaurant, go to the theatre because they charge us so much for essentials like a roof over our head & heating. There are simply not enough well paid jobs to go round, thus well qualified people are forced to take low paid jobs and live on a pittance.

We sit with toothache, hoping antibiotics will clear it up because we can’t afford to go to a Dentist. We hope our old fridges, washing machines, cars etc keep working because we can’t afford to replace them.

There’s nowhere to sit down unless we buy one of their expensive coffees. Tories created a UK that suited the few and not the many. But Jess Phillips, Labour MP, likes Tory Politicians like Jacob Rees-Mogg who created this exploitative UK for us. Maybe she would not feel like having him as a best friend if she walked in our shoes.

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